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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH REHABILITATION SERVICES also known as "EPSDT" or "Wrap Around Services", BHRS identifies and supports children who have a medical need for behavioral health services. To be eligible, each child must be evaluated by a qualified behavioral health professional, be diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder, and receive a prescription for behavioral health services. Services are delivered by a team composed of a master or doctoral level behavior specialist consultant, a master level mobile therapist, and one or more therapeutic support staff. (Some children do not receive services by all three types of team members.) Services may be delivered in the child’s home, school, or other community location provided that the child’s parent, guardian, teacher, or other responsible person is also present. Active participation by the parent, guardian, teacher, or other responsible person is required.

EXTRA MILE FOR FAMILIES (EMF) program is a flexible and cost-efficient variation on Family Based Services described below. It provides all the services provided by Family Based Services and has very similar eligibility and participation requirements. The EMF program is more flexible than Family Based Services in that it tailors the ratio of services provided by master’s level and bachelor’s level team members to the specific requirements and preferences of the family. Additionally, it does NOT have a rigid ratio of services that must be delivered by the team members as a team and as individuals. This too allows for tailoring provision of services to the specific needs and preferences of the family. (Family Based Services, in contrast, has ratios set by regulations in both areas.) Salisbury Behavioral Health, Inc. developed the Extra Miles for Families program and is the only agency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania authorized to provide these services.

FAMILY BASED MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (FBMHS) include crisis intervention (24 hours per day, 7 days per week), individual therapy, family therapy, case management, family support, respite care, advocacy, and interagency collaboration. These services are offered by a team composed of a master’s level therapist and a bachelor’s level mental health worker in the family’s home, the child’s school, and the community. To be eligible for services, a family must include a child or adolescent who has a mental health diagnosis and who is at-risk for out-of-home placement. Out-of-home placement includes, without limitation, placement in a psychiatric hospital, foster care, or detention. Services are time limited (maximum of 32 weeks of service) and require active participation by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
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