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Holiday Fun is generated through Giving this Year for Indiana Division! 12/13/2006

By Dana Monroe

This holiday season the Indiana division employees collaborated with the Salvation Army and “adopted” a family for the holiday season.  All employees out of all four offices participated and helped to provide for a family of five who were in need of items like gloves, food and a variety of other things.  In addition, the staff contributed a large sum of money for the family to purchase the items for a holiday meal of their desire.

The employees agreed this year that they were not going to buy for one another, but rather put their money into something that made a difference in their communities.  The response was overwhelming by the staff, they had so much fun buying and giving that it was truly something to feel good about this holiday season.  Overall the employees enjoyed the experience and were excited to participate and felt a great sense of joy from their giving. 

As the Vice President of the Indiana division I was so pleased with the turn out and the excitement that all employees had with this new endeavor.  I feel very grateful that I am in the company of very generous and caring people who demonstrate these qualities not only on the job, but when it comes to their personal lives too.  Congratulations to all of my employees for their efforts in this project!

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