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Milestones Community Healthcare, Inc. August Employee of the Month. 9/12/2006

Milestones Community Healthcare, Inc. August Employee of the Month.
Milestones Community Healthcare, Inc. would like to announce its August employee of the month, Cara Barnett. Cara Barnett of Punxsutawney has been selected the August employee of the month at Milestones Community Healthcare, Inc. At Milestones, Cara serves as a therapist for the Extra Miles for Families Program. Cara has been working at Milestones for 18 months. Dana Monroe, VP/COO states that, Cara is a dedicated and hard working employee. She is a caring person who wants to do the right thing for the families that she serves. She is a wonderful employee to have working in the Extra Mile For Families Program. When asked what she enjoys most about her role at Milestones, Cara states that it is seeing families succeed and grow closer together. Cara feels that her wonderful supportive family and great co-workers and bosses have helped her to be Milestones August employee of the month. Commenting on Barnett, Joe Eveges, director of the Extra Mile For Families program said that, Cara is an exemplary employee in every sense of the word. Her professional skills are an asset to the company, but her compassion and caring commitment to her clients is what truly makes Cara stand out. She truly goes the extra mile for the people she serves. In her spare time Cara enjoys shopping, working with her husband, Dale, in their race shop and spending time with her two dogs and cat. Cara is pursuing her Masters degree in Elementary School Counseling. Milestones Community Healthcare Inc. provides emotional and behavioral health services to children and families in local communities. In addition, they offer licensed private schools for students with educational and behavioral health needs. Please visit the website at or stop at the local office at 200 East Mahoning St. for additional information about Milestone’s program. Congratulations to Cara Barnett, Milestones’ August Employee of the Month.

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